Order for survey of Bhojshala reserved, four petitions in Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court.

The debate on whether the Archaeological Survey of India will survey Dhar’s Bhojshala or not was completed in the Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh High Court on Monday. The court has reserved the order after hearing all the parties. Four petitions are going on in the High Court. In the petition filed by Hindu Front for Justice, it has been demanded that Muslims should be stopped from offering Namaz. He has said that when Hindus purify the Yagya by performing Havan, then on Friday the Muslims pollute the same Yagya ponds and pollute them.
The intellectual class says that the Archaeological Survey of India should also survey Bhojshala like Gyanvapi. Also, it is important for people to understand and know history.
If we look at history, King Bhoj of Parmar dynasty had established Saraswati Sadan by building Bhojshala in 1033. History makes it clear that it was the first Sanskrit study school in the world in which a thousand students studied together.

It is said that the conspirator Maulana Kalam had come to Bhoj Nagari in 1269 with the evil intention of deceit and fraud. Maulana entered Dhar city in the guise of a beggar, while roaming there, Maulana took the opportunity to convey confidential information to Delhi. According to the information of Maulana, in 1305, Muslim Alauddin Khilji attacked. King Mahalak Dev and Gogadev retaliated and were defeated in the war. In 1456, Khilji built the tomb and dargah of Maulana Kamaluddin.
On the basis of evidence K.K. Lele’s report mentions an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the tomb. There are many verses in Sanskrit also.
However, if we look at it centuries ago, Muslims destroyed the temple by force and deceit and tried to destroy the evidence, but they could not erase many of the evidences.
However, if an impartial investigation is done then Bhojshala is Saraswati Sadan built by Raja Bhoj. All the rest is years old encroachment which should be removed.

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