Dr.Mohan Yadav CM should also think on the stabismemt of UCC in MP

Uniform Civil Code resonates with one country one rule, to be applied to all religious communities. The term, ‘Uniform Civil Code’ is explicitly mentioned in Part 4, Article 44 of the Indian Constitution. Article 44 says, “The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.”
In this regard on June 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh thrust discussions about the Uniform Civil Code into the spotlight, triggering nationwide debates on its potential implementation. To fulfill the needs of the hours the BJP government of Uttrakhand under the umbrella of Mr Pushkar Singh Dhami has taken a bold step by implementing a uniform civil code, setting a precedent as the first Indian state to do so since the country gained independence in 1947. This comprehensive legislation seeks to harmonize civil laws across all religious communities, addressing marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption with a unified approach. Notably, the UCC outlaws several practices, including polygamy and triple talaq, a Muslim practice allowing instant divorce by a husband declaring “talaq” three times. It also prohibits nikah halala, a complex ritual requiring a divorced woman to marry another man and get divorced again before she can remarry her first husband, and iddat, a period of waiting mandated for Muslim women after divorce or widowhood. The legislation establishes a common marriage age and introduces equal rights for men and women in divorce and property matters. Critics, however, decry the law as intrusive, especially for its regulations on live-in relationships, demanding registration with the government under threat of punishment. “The code also allows a third party to file a complaint against couples who failed to register their relationship,” highlights the controversial nature of this mandate, igniting debate over the intrusion into personal freedoms versus the pursuit of uniform civil rights.
Unlike Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh CM Dr. Mohan Yadav should also go ahead for the establishment of UCC in Madhya Pradesh. So that 90.89 Hindu, 6.57 Muslim, 0.78 Jain,0.3 Bodh, 0.2 Sikh population will be treated equally by inforcement of uniform civil code. It is well in known that the competitively and comprehensively the eco -socio status of Islamic women is not good as much as others womens in the state and country as well.
Therefore, in the light of article 44 of the constitution, demolition of inhumane , needs of gender equality and wish of the people the Madhya Pradesh government headed by Dr. Mohan Yadav CM should also think on it quickly and positively and try its level best to take the necessary step to pass the law in the state legislative assembly for further enforcement and smoothly implementation throughout the state.

The people of the states those are facing the problems based on the caste ,creed and religious will be benefited by the UCC law stabismemt.

✍️ Dr.Balaram Parmar ‘Hansmukh’

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