Light on the half-truth of women’s success in respect – the flag of lies of the opponents behind the truth

On International Women’s Day, countless stories of women’s empowerment were published on social media, newspapers and many websites in the country, in which their success stories were presented by showing their hard work and dedication.
But one thing given importance in all these stories is that every successful woman was not judged as less than a man while being compared to a man. It is sad to read many such sentences which are creating a deep gap between men and women.

Be it a man or a woman who becomes successful, he or she has to make a lot of sacrifices only then he or she steps into the category of success and his or her success is due to his or her own hard work as well as the support of family, friends and life partner.
Then why is this propaganda often run that women are not less than men, they can compete with men, they are more powerful than men, if given a chance, they can perform better than men and in many fields women work better than men. Is doing.
After all, why such a deep gap was created between men and women, this is a very questionable question which requires deep thinking and its solution is also very important.
To solve this problem, men and women will have to cooperate as friends, whereas at present, instead of mutual cooperation, discussion on news channels has started being done. Men and women are made enemies on stage.

Although there can never be competition between men and women, they are each other’s best partners with mutual understanding. Since ancient times, men and women have been mutual partners in the main work. For example, in some work which is dominated by men, women participate in it, whereas there are many such works which are dominated by women, in which men participate. With this sacred cooperation, mutual love, relationship, family, society used to exist and life was lived very easily, but what was done that people did not understand this tradition and the opponents tried to break it to the families. To disintegrate, created a gap between men and women. Women had to demand rights for which a web of controversies was created. Such conspirators have put the importance of Women’s Day into question.
At present, women’s participation is prominent in politics, in administrative field, army, engineering, doctors and scientists, they have come forward in every field in which men have respected them and also given their cooperation, so why made this cooperation a competition? Has gone. Women and men should understand that the opponents who are changing the direction of cooperation are unrighteous. Those who create separation by giving rise to disputes cannot be religious, they are just luring you and breaking your mutual understanding, love and cooperation and turning it into competition. The cycle of winning and losing is changing by competing against each otherHe is luring me in. We will have to identify the unrighteous person and teach him a lesson.However, we have the ability to defeat every opponent at his own level and we will have to chase away the opponents and punish them for their crimes, only then our mutual cooperation will make our life beautiful and happy. If you forgive without punishing, they will again resort to ideological attacks to create ideological differences.
So be prepared, neither the woman nor the man is a participant in any competition with the man. Nothing less than that should be mentioned in our success stories.
With the spirit of cooperation, one can remain at the pinnacle of success forever. You all have to understand this.

Best wishes to all successful women and supportive men on International Women’s Day.

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