Sinagi Dai is the epitome of bravery, ability, intelligence, and tact.

Sinagi Dai thwarted the attack of Muslim Turks on the strength of her women army and showed her bravery, in the critical situation Sinagi Dai trained the women for which she organized the hunting festival of the Oraon community and invited all the women to fight in the war. Taught. Princess Singi Dai, daughter of Raja Ruidas of Rohtasgarh, Bihar, was a capable, brave, intelligent and clever princess. Even today, after hearing the name of Oraon heroine Sinagi Dai, we get thrilled by her bravery and bravery.
He took over his Oraon kingdom at a time when the organized army was scattered in the war with the Turks. The fighting male warriors had sacrificed their lives in defense of the nation. Veerangana Sinagi Dai had chosen Vishu Sendara, the hunting festival of her community, in which she trained the women. Even today, Mukka Sendra is organized in Oraon village to commemorate the bravery and dedication of Singi Dai.

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