Queen Durgavati, an example of courage, bravery and strength and the immortal sacrificer who defeated the Mughals.

One of the great heroines of India, Queen Durgavati, who had defeated Malwa’s conqueror Baz Bahadur, Delhi’s Sultan Sher Shah Suri and Mughal Emperor Akbar, or rather, had bitten the dust in the battlefield. . Rani Durgavati, as per her name, was an example of power, strength, bravery and courage. Raja Dalpat Shah’s Maharani Durgavati was born on 5 October 1524 in Kalinjar, Bundelkhand, in the Gond community.

This brave woman of India defeated a good Mughal emperor in the battlefield. The brave queen Durgavati had defeated and killed Delhi Sultan Sher Shah Suri in Kalinjar in the year 1545, before her marriage. After this, the brave Durgavati, as the queen of Garhamandla, defeated Malwa’s Subedar Baz Bahadur twice and destroyed his kingdom.
In the year 1564, the Mughal army treacherously tried to defeat India’s brave queen Queen Durgavati, but Durgavati refused to bow before the Mughal army and chose the battlefield for her freedom, honor and identity. Queen Durgavati, who was injured in this battlefield, ended her slavery and sacrificed herself by striking her chest with her own dagger.

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