Wicket extinguished on transfer – further orders for more names are being prepared.

At the administrative level, transfer of officers in the district has started. The transfer of the police captain yesterday has created a lot of discussions all around. After completion of all the work, all the police officers run around the Captain for his signature. Here the intensity of disappointment is greater due to the captain’s work not being completed. On the condition of anonymity, a gentleman said that he had expressed the possibility of making all the settings but the recharge failed due to which he had to turn back. Now the signatures which could have been done as per time, have to be done on time.
The next transfers are likely to be of senior officers of the municipality. Sources say that the municipal leaders have formed a team and met the Urban Administration Minister to complain about arbitrariness and getting arbitrary work done, hence there is a possibility that the municipality of Jhabua will also be changed.
One complaint is from a district level officer of the Women and Child Development Department, in which there is a possibility that he will cross the district border and also his number will be linked to that officer who is running the department on instructions by running fast under the guise of stay. Is.
The Chief Officer of the District Headquarters is also in the heated discussion. It is also being said that there are not many days left now. The main reason is that due to his working style and behavior people will also get displeased, his name will appear in the list very soon.
Although every greenery is affected by the heat, it is common to discuss many bundles of stories on conversion stories in the district. The political public of the district has gone beyond four things while waiting for the list.

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