Kamal Nath remains in Congress, Nakul Nath’s internal turmoil continues.

In February, during the period of political turmoil, senior Congress leader Kamal Nath along with his son reached Delhi with the intention of leaving Congress but the BJP high command has clearly refused. Kamal Nath has again thrown the dice and is becoming responsible by joining Rahul Gandhi’s yatra in Congress.
Now Congress psychology is declaring victory, Digvijay Singh says that the fog has cleared, Sajjan Singh, close to Kamal Nath also gave clarification in his statement. Congressmen say that the one who started politics by being close to Indira Gandhi will not join BJP at all. Congressmen also said that all these things are being spread like rumors but the truth is that everyone understands that Kamal Nath himself Steps are being taken towards BJP to save it.
There is complete dissatisfaction with Kamal Nath in BJP, hence the BJP high command has applied the brakes.
Sikh leaders say that the accused in the 1984 Sikh riots should not be allowed to join BJP. If Kamal Nath joins BJP, the entire Sikh community will be angry, the loss of which BJP can understand.

However, Nakul Nath is making headlines these days and is slowly moving towards BJP, but it is worth considering that if Nakul Nath joins BJP, will Kamal Nath be punished for his allegations. If there are leaders of two parties under one roof, confidentiality will remain intact.
No, not at all.
However, BJP should understand the infiltration of Congress in BJP. Who has Congress in every drop of his blood, is he coming to agree with the ideology of BJP or to fulfill his selfish interest.

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