How is youth suicide a personal problem in social life? The reason for the clear perception of the student class is social.

If we move towards solving the problem before we understand it, we will hardly be able to reach the root solution of the problem. There could be many reasons why students consider themselves guilty and end their lives by committing suicide after failing in a competitive examination. This issue has neither been discussed in detail nor is it included in the topics of our research.
Recently, a girl student studying in Kota city committed suicide by apologizing to her parents in a suicide note because she could not clear JEE. Before this incident, the young student who was preparing for NEET ended his life as a result of failure.
According to the statistics, there has been a continuous increase in the suicides of Indian youth in the last decade, because according to the report of National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), the number of students committing suicide has increased by 70% in the last decade. Similarly, the suicide rate in America has increased by 62% in the last two decades.

What are those reasons which we are making mistakes in identifying?We kill the ambitions of the children and impose our expectations and aspirations under which they bear their untold pain and start following the dreams of their parents. When they are unable to bear this burden, they lose themselves. They feel that one day they will fulfill their parents’ dreamsIf he is unable to do so, he apologizes and ends his life.

Psychiatrists say, ‘We focus a lot on reducing symptoms at the individual level, but are ignoring the systemic causes that underlie the social structure. The important fact is that, “Suicide, which we usually analyze as an individual act, is a social act.” In the book Suicide written by sociologist Emile Durkheim, after extensive research, it has been clarified that social structure and circumstances force anyone to commit suicide. Accordingly, there is pressure on children for success. This pressure comes from the parents, along with which almost all the members of the family, relatives and social people also send pressure messages directly or indirectly. In such a situation the student goes into depression. Depression is internal and its root is loneliness in which the pressure of society creates confusion about the goal. This insistence on achievement, which puts pressure on the students to perform their best, due to which they get involved in the competitive race in which success is considered more than life. Parents turn children into machines, burdening them with studies all the time in which children do not have any free time, then these students internalize that apart from their achievements, they have no value.
The entire society along with the parents are working as a pressure group on these students at different levels. This pressure to constantly perform well has a detrimental effect on children’s mental health. On top of that, it is sad that parents curse the systems and forget that the child is special in himself. The reason for suicide is not just the weak mental condition of that one child. The reason is also those who have been making children weak since childhood.

However, parents should experience the feelings of their children while going into depression and remove the bar of achievement from their eyes and bring out the talent growing in their children and take them to the pinnacle of studies.
However, success is not the criterion of happiness, because if it were so then many successful students or high level officials would not have adopted the path of suicide.

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