Everyone is in a race to meet the new police captain – the person will show off his/her specialties through flattery.Fear of change in the police department

Shakespeare wrote What’s in a Name and wrote his name below that line.Fresh SP has come to the district and to maintain his identity, everyone, be it a social worker or an industrialist or an illegal businessman or a renowned person or a journalist or innumerable leaders of the district, goes out of his way to meet the new SP. Will meet after arranging a time. When all of them meet practically, they will tell about the problems of the district as if they have been struggling with the problems for years. Social workers will talk about the problems in a big way and by showing the superficial layer of the problems, it will appear as if they are tired of knowing the details of those problems. Then when the turn comes to look for the solution, then explain to them, sir, saying with a laugh, they will leave it in time. Meetings of almost all types of groups will be like this. Will also file some complaints. One group, while always talking about cooperation, will continue the conversation by questioning the poor system of the social world and will divert the conversation to the gesture of mutual cooperation.
The discussion will end with the same intensity with which alcohol, speculative gambling, drug addiction, theft, liquor smuggling and other crimes will be discussed in the society.
Although the new SP may be unfamiliar with the district, he is not unfamiliar; after understanding many things, he has not just become the police captain of the district.
However, the matter will be limited to the meeting only, then after understanding, the new SP will establish his dominance by bringing progress in the work.
If the new boss is betrayed then the department personnel will also come here and the new SP will need new changes. If the changes happen in the right direction, then it will be necessary to look towards the border for the district as it will be the tweezers of the leaders.

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